Wine Post 5– Cropsey & Willowbrook State School

There are few things that haunt the American Gothic conscience more than the monolithic and, often, abandoned buildings that used to function as “Asylums.” This week on the Witches & Winos Podcast, we go deep into the legend of Cropsey on Staten Island New York and it’s murky history entangled with the former Willowbrook State School.

Thanks to the investigative reporting done by Geraldo Rivera, there is plenty of footage available to attest to the horrific conditions the children placed in Willowbrook’s care suffered. If you would like to see for yourself, check it out here: (CW: Children suffering, abuse)

For more information about the recent Cropsey legend, visit:

To follow what wine we are drinking with this episode:



Wine Post #2

Hey there! Happy Friday the 13th and welcome back to our bi-monthly blog and podcast. Before we get started talking about the wine, I wanted to let you know that we are working on releasing a special Friday the 13th minisode this week, talking about our favorite witchy pastime: Tarot. Now, back to the wine:

Today, we are drinking the 2014 Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon out of Napa Valley, California. On the label, Spellbound discusses the importance of the moon to the growth of the grapes that make the wine that we drink, making this wine a no-brainer pairing for this week’s discussion of the Bell Witch.

It showcases dark, fruity flavors of plum and cassis with “a hint of spice.” The finish is more earthy, with lingering flavors of tobacco, making it easy to drink with food or without.

You can found out more about Spellbound Wines here:

WinePost #1: Chile is giving us chills!

So, in preparation for our inaugural episode, we’ve selected our very first wine pairing. Why, you ask? Is it simply because this is what we had in the apartment? Of course not! It is because it is what we had in the apartment and it’s our favorite (okay, so it’s Jane’s favorite).

We are having Casa Silva’s 2014 Carmenere, Cuvee Colchagua. It is bright red with hints of black cherries and plum on the nose and a balanced palate, it is truly a great wine to come home. And for $20 at Whole Foods, there is practically no reason to not give it a shot.

This blood-red Chilean Carmenere provides us with the perfect mood-setter for our dive into the story of the Warlocks of Chiloe.